Bullet Proof Laptops-How Strong are Todayís Rugged Laptops?

Published: 25th July 2011
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The labeling of a bulletproof laptop is one that has been used rather loosely these days with the vast amount of rugged laptops being produced for industrial and military purposes. However reports have began to filter in from the middle east of soldiers that have actually used their laptops to shield themselves from gunfire. While no laptops currently are rated as being bulletproof surprisingly fragments of bullets have actually been found imbedded in the laptops proving that indeed certain types of rugged laptops can stop a bullet.

Soldiers have apparently been issued laptops which theyíve grabbed to shield from certain ambushes which are known as Panasonic Toughbooks . While Laptops are not engineered for specifically stopping bullets they have become much more rugged than ever before and are regarded as some of the toughest laptops that exist today. It seems that drops are the major concern while working out in the elements so engineers have been making major strides the last few years with increasing the drop distance. Some of the new breakthroughs have enabled the premium Toughbooks to be certified for a drop up to 6 feet.

New exterior casing is being utilized which is entirely magnesium. This helps provide the laptop with a much stronger resistance however new internal proprietary foam is being used to act as a shock absorbent. Hard drives have been reengineered with this surrounding foam and the results have been astounding. Never before in history have we been able to withstand a 6 foot drop consistently without major damage to internal components. Of course heavily rubberized edges as well as hinges have been beefed up. Usually when a laptop case breaks on a mainstream laptop itís somewhere related to the hinges. This effectively has been solved as extremely heavy duty sealed hinges were introduced a few years ago.

With water probably being the other major threat when working outdoors itís common for outdoor workers to want a waterproof laptop. Of course even a military laptop isnít rated as completely waterproof however they are about as close as one can get. While they canít be totally submerged they can withstand 70 mile per hour winds with blowing rain. Due the fact itís nearly impossible to avoid rain while being outdoors many people rely on their laptops as a crucial tool for their operation. People like law enforcement and military as well as first responders must have laptops that can withstand the elements. Itís due to this demand that Panasonic was one of the first to hit the scene and continues to dominate as the premier laptop of choice for most professionals. With many other certifications for unique environmental conditions available itís clear Panasonic produces some of the most rugged laptops on the planet.

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